The Destructors Setting Essays On Leadership

Greene wishes to show power to be a fluid dynamic in the modern setting.  It is not fixed. Rather, it changes and its trappings are shown to be both attractive and fundamentally elusive.  For Blackie, his need to hold power is something that Trevor casts as part of the "old" vision.  Trevor's claims to power is that he wishes to take the gang into a new direction and a new set of conditions that it has never seen.  Such an appeal proves to win over the gang, and as Blackie goes along with it in order to maintain his own place in the gang, power is shown as a narcotic- like light.  As leadership passes, Blackie shows that he yearns for power that he would not leave the gang, even as it has become evident that he no longer possesses it.

The narcotic of power is what consumes Trevor in his time as the gang's leader.  He is overcome with it and this represents how involved he is with the plan of destroying the house.  When it becomes clear that Trevor cannot sustain the interest of the other members, power is shown as a complex entity.  The same tools that one utilizes to gain power are not always the same that one uses to sustain it.  Through this, Trevor loses power and Blackie regains it. Power is shown as a shifting quality, intrinsic to  a modern setting where structures have been dismantled in the face of something unclear, but always changing.

The Destructors Essay

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Trevor (T) :

A silent, decided, and seemingly frustrated teenager . He speaks nothing more than needed and " yes" or " no" forms most of his answers. He becomes a member of the gang because he wants to take revenge of a society in which his parents have come down. His father, formerly an architect, is working as a clerk ; and his mother considers herself better than the neighbors. This leaves T with nothing better to do than join the local gang. In the destruction of Old Misery's house, he is given the ability to lash out at the world in response to the misfortune it beset onto him.

T is very decided and sees the world as a collection of sayings powered by actions. He tends to destroy Old Misery's house and…show more content…


Before T becomes the leader of the gang, Blackie is the head. He is a just leader who is not jealous and wants to keep the group intact. He wanted to keep T in the gang, although he was slightly upper than the other boys. His leadership ends when the boys go on T's side to destroy the Old Misery's house. At first, Blackie is depressed and feels like going home and leaving the gang, but thinking that how famous the gang will be if they can do such a thing, he rejoins the gang.

When the boys decide to destroy the house, Blackie approaches the house through a lane because he doesn't want to be seen by the police. Formerly being a leader, he wants to keep the gang away from probable troubles caused by the police.

Although Blackie is robbed of his leadership, he cooperates well with T and even, at the final phases of the house's destruction, he regains his leadership by giving orders to other members of the gang.


A coward nine - year old member who can't open his mouth because he's been threatened . He has been said that a frog will be thrown in his mouth if he talks too much! Mike is a sample of the very low - class people in the society: those who are forced to remain silent and keep their words for themselves even if they have great

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