Topic For Research Paper In Nursing

Nursing paper topics are often determined by the instructor. For the most part, there is little leeway to express creativity. Fortunately, even if creativity is not an option, personal interest is. Nursing students can focus on the kind of work that inspires them.

Nursing Paper Topics

Nursing students are often working while studying, and at times find that they can only think of what they already do and how they do it. That is a normal problem to have when considering nursing paper topics, but happily we can help.

Whether you want to blow the doors wide open or explore a familiar topic from a new perspective, we can help. We can also help the rote and administrative type assignments that are common for nursing students.

Just like in any field, there are people who find the researching and writing of a professional field more interesting that the practice of that field. Fortunately, those people can become writers and they work with us at

Research Papers Topics

Below is a list of research and other nursing paper topics that you can use for inspiration. We can write on these and any other topic that might interest you or be needed.

  1. Acquisition of clinical skills: Oncology
  2. Basic nursing procedures: Managing stress and fear
  3. Breaking the communicable disease chain: Nurses' roles
  4. Clinical nursing skills: Watch the video
  5. Communicable diseases: Known reservoirs of contagion
  6. Community health nurses in American Indian communities
  7. Community nursing in rural areas
  8. Community nursing in urban areas
  9. Continuing education for nurses: What’s working and what isn’t
  10. Critical care nursing in pediatrics
  11. Cultural accommodation and nursing in America
  12. Cultural competency in nursing
  13. Dental nurses: Underutilized
  14. Determining the best nurse-patient ratios for obstetric units
  15. Emergency room nursing in the US: From trauma to common colds
  16. For-profit medical care and the place of nurses
  17. Global health issues and nursing
  18. Healthy choices make up less than 25% of health determinants, social metrics more than 50%: Why do you talk about the first more than the latter?
  19. How would you describe a healthy community?
  20. How YouTube can help you support your own learning in nursing school
  21. Labor and delivery nurses
  22. Learning not to use “weight” as a substitute for health: One nurses journey
  23. Long term care nursing in rural environments
  24. Med surg nursing: Is it right for you?
  25. Medication errors and understaffing
  26. Mental health nursing: Career options for graduating nurses
  27. Modes of transmission: Communicable diseases
  28. Nurse sensitive errors and nurse-patient ratios
  29. Nurses and virtual learning environments: Understanding limits in nursing education
  30. Nursing education: Know your learning style so you can help yourself
  31. Nursing education: We’re all administrator assistants now
  32. Nursing infomatics and new protocols
  33. Nursing jobs for those with cultural brokering expertise
  34. Nursing with Dummies: Issues in education: Medical simulation for nurses
  35. Other words for compassion: cultural competence and nursing
  36. Pain management: What nurses need to know
  37. Patient acuity tools and proper scheduling
  38. Patient engagement and job satisfaction for nurses
  39. Perinatal nursing in communities with high maternal and infant mortality
  40. Philosophies of nursing leadership
  41. Postpartum education and the reduction of postpartum depression: The role of nurses
  42. Profit based health care delivery systems and nursing
  43. Range of motion exercises: ROM and rehabilitation nursing
  44. Recruiting and retaining nurses
  45. Relationship theory in nursing
  46. Social determinants of health and the roles of nurses
  47. Summary and analysis: Why nurses should be full partners with physicians
  48. The BMI lie: How profits and bias got the CDC to ignore its own findings
  49. The practice of emotional intelligence: Nursing
  50. Traveling nurses: Increasing demand and expanding opportunities

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The Top 25 Best Thesis Topics for Nursing

The process of finding the right topic for your thesis can be difficult. So, you have to spend a lot of time figuring out what you want to write about as there are so many options to choose from. Going through your textbooks can help you get some ideas on the topics you can use. Nevertheless, I would advise you to write about a subject that interests you so that you can be fully dedicated to the thesis. With that said, here are 25 top suggestions for topics you can use for your thesis:

  1. Mentorship in nursing - This thesis discusses students’ experiences before, during and after this.
  2. Palliative care and nursing skills associated with it - This topic defines palliative care and shows its significance in long-term patient care, as well as outlining its goals for the patient and his/her family and/or loved ones.
  3. Intuition in the nursing profession - This topic basically dives deep into Shon’s theory of reflection and its role in making clinical decisions in practice.
  4. Burn-out in the nursing profession.
  5. Proposal for an initiative for teenage youth regarding the prevention of stress.
  6. Case study on the management of pain in pediatric nursing.
  7. Measures to take when the elderly refuse to eat.
  8. Managing serious weather cases.
  9. Techniques for treating the feet of diabetic patients.
  10. Nursing through non-verbal communication.
  11. Stress factors in the practice of nursing.
  12. Cooperation in the profession between different players.
  13. HIV/AIDS care and the changes that have occurred over the years.
  14. Returning to work after an absence.
  15. Changing the public’s view of the profession.
  16. Taking care of the elderly.
  17. Importance of family in treating teenagers with eating disorders.
  18. Mental health and poor housing.
  19. Procedures to follow when treating a mental patient.
  20. Listening to a mental patient detail his/her problems. Does it help?
  21. Educating people on the importance of eating healthy. What procedures can be used?
  22. Relationship with the patient. Does it lead to better recovery?
  23. What type of therapy is best for the elderly?
  24. Alzheimer disease and the problems encountered by the spouses of the patients.
  25. Laughter therapy and its effects.

Hopefully, this list of 25 best thesis topics for nursing will help you. But remember, choose one that interests you! Happy writing.

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