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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough,” –Mae West. The Transcendentalist time period relates mostly to the philosophy, “Live life to the fullest. ” Transcendentalists’ believe in self-reliance, individualism, and inner spiritual beliefs, just like any person who wants to live their life to the fullest. Every person should enjoy every moment of their lives by appreciating everything in order to follow their dreams and to live their lives to the fullest. The most important step to living life to the fullest is enjoying every moment.

Nobody knows when their last day on Earth might be, or the ones they love, so enjoying life while it lasts is the best way to live. Do not look back at the past and get disappointed because it is a waste of time, look forward to the future with hope and enthusiasm. Also, the past cannot be changed, so move on by forgetting the negatives of the past and focusing on the positives. Anyone can try their best to live up their life by obtaining positivity, religion or beliefs do not matter because there is no religion obtaining their believers to be embedded with sorrow, just like the people who believe in the Enlightment period.

“A virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion,” (Emerson, 186). Both Transcendentalism and living life to the fullest do not require people to follow every rule and law in order to achieve success. You need to have self-reliance and trust in your feelings and instincts. God gave people the amazing ability to reason; it enables people to discover both scientific and spiritual truth. Enjoying and always living every moment of life is pretty important but following your dreams is another way to live life to its very fullest.

Following dreams is a significant way to achieve goals and live the life one always wanted. Dreams and wishes do not always magically come true; they are achieved with hard work. Following dreams is a great way to live a nice life because one pursues what they are most passionate about. When following dreams, one has to have confident in everything they do. If they do not succeed the first time, they should learn from mistakes and try again. “To be great is to be misunderstood…,” (Emerson, 186). When am

individual is reaching for their dreams, other people might think they are not being logical but that should not matter as long as they believe in themselves. Like mentioned before, Transcendentalists’ believed that self-reliance and trust in oneself are important. They also believed in feeling over reason. Ones dream may not seem logical but if they are passionate about it, they should find a way to achieve it. Following dreams and enjoying every moment of life are steps to living life to its greatest, but it will not be complete without appreciation.

A person’s appreciation and positivity are highly rewarding, which will result in living life to its fullest. Hating is just a waste of time because it is not motivating, so are negative thoughts. Always be thankful for everything because there are always people out there who are less fortunate. Accept every person for who they are; not everyone is the same and everyone has flaws. Enjoy the little things in life, the ones that people do not really think about, such as nature.

Always see the bright side of things, no matter how bad a day went, it could always be worse; stay positive by looking on the bright side of everything. “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind,” (Emerson, 186). Nothing is more honest than what goes on in an individuals own mind and heart. That might not always be easy but Thinking positively will give you determination and encouragement. Rely on thyself and instincts, just like Transcendentalists’. They enjoy nature, completely rely on themselves, and believe that if natural events seem tragic, they can be explained on a spiritual level.

Everything happens for a reason and every tragic event has many upsides, no matter how horrible it is. One cannot live their life to the fullest with hate, they need to have appreciation just like they need to follow their dreams and enjoy every moment. Every person should try their best to live their life to the fullest. This can be fulfilled by enjoying every moment, following dreams, and having appreciation for everything in life. All these ideas make me wonder about how different the world would be if we had more than one life.

Life is short, we all know that, and we – well, most of us – want to live life to the utmost fullest, in turn getting everything we can out of life. After all, it is a wonderful, beautiful gift: Life. But we didn’t ask for it. As a matter of fact, it takes some people a lifetime to figure what it means to be alive.

“Yolo” may be a term used by the youngsters of today, as heard in songs by Adam Levine and Drake, but it carries meanings and implications that are universal and everlasting. The phrase is too often used by the hipsters of today in the United States to make excuses for their dumb mistakes. The phrase will never catch on and be used ubiquitously by the American people – or other nationalities, either – because it is cumbersome to say and even harder to care about and remember. To the ordinary person, it sounds like some frozen yogurt brand nobody wants to try, or some variation of the color yellow.

But the acronym has good intentions. “You Only Live Once” reminds one of a hopeful youth, of seeing and wanting the best in life, of seizing the day because tomorrow is not promised – nor is even the next moment. Nonetheless, the wrong people seem to be using the term. They are the slackers who don’t take blame for their impulsive, risky decisions, and then when the problems arise from the decisions, they blame it on “You Only Live Once.” But it’s just one more way to enable these kinds of behaviors where judgment is lacked. Also, the mentality attached to this word provides people more reasons not to blame themselves for when they make a monumental mistake. They blame it on “Life” and not their own erroneous decision. What does this create? A bunch of cultures which don’t hold themselves accountable for their actions.


So this “Yolo” mentality is not so cut and dry. It is good and bad. It is both a hindrance and an empowering philosophy, depending on the person using it and how they use it. But it is being used nonetheless. Most people want to get all they can out of life, and so, in this case, it is quite motivating. “Yolo” can be inspirational to those trying new things – who want to take calculated risks, meet new people, take exciting trips, etc. It can mean understanding what it means to be born to die – and in between, there are opportunities to make the most out of this crazy life. In between birth and death, there is of course suffering, problems, the death of others, bad people and bad experiences – but there is also love and hope and family and beauty.

Unfortunately, this “Yolo” philosophy does not seem to focus on the most optimistic aspects of life. It seems more that this philosophy only provides excuses for young rich kids to account for their immature, impulsive, selfish actions. The phrase will never be used by the masses like “Carpe Diem.” It is one more excuse for spoiled American kids to put off growing up and becoming responsible, productive adults. It is really quite a pathetic, irritating notion to people who don’t have the luxury of staying children their entire lives, putting off adulthood because it doesn’t suit them. “Yolo” is an irritating acronym, one that is not only confusing to most people but one that will just never catch on. Only the young hipsters will use it, and they are not “mainstream” anyway.

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