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Over three million copies and 25 years later, Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is revised and updated with the latest facts, figures, and technologies.

Covering more than 380 topics from dinosaurs to digital technology, this highly visual guide engages young readers with photographic spreads and illustrations annotated with amazing trivia. Featuring full-color photographs, maps, cutaway diagrams, charts, and more, Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is written in a clear and child-friendly style with updates that include recent space missions, scientific breakthroughs, and the latest significant events. Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is perfect for reports, homework, and independent research.

A great addition to any bookshelf, Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia is the essential book for curious young readers who want to know about everything.

ISBN: 9781465451699Pages: 600
Size: 215.9 x 276.225mm Age: From 9 To 12 years

There are a wealth of incredible facts and images online - if only you knew where to look. DK's Online Encyclopedia combines the best of the traditional book encyclopedia plus a special website, together they guide you to the most amazing facts on and offline.

Linked to the National Curriculum, this encyclopedia is perfect for homework and school projects, or just for finding facts - simply look up the subject you are interested in to discover the basics, then when you see the sign, go online for even more information. Homework need never be dull again! Try it out, visit and have a go.

- Actively managed and constantly updated website

- Safe, age-appropriate, and expertly selected links

- Real-time reports, databases, satellite images and virtual tours

- Plus over a thousand incredible downloadable images

ISBN: 9781405363853Pages: 448
Size: 222 x 280mm

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